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Corporate Interiors

An interior design must look good decades after the ribbon cutting. That starts with good planning. When you collaborate with CoBeck, you get a construction partner who understands the balance between cost and design. 

We think ahead and present options to optimize interior environments—solutions that can adapt to change—that minimize major facelifts and costly renovations, which can force owners to suspend or limit business operations during construction.


CoBeck is at the forefront of the healthcare delivery evolution with building facilities that accommodate space change requirements, expansion, tenant movement and redevelopment. We add value by recommending materials and building construction methods that help owners and tenants adapt to change and minimize costly renovations over a facility’s lifespan. It’s innovation you can count on to get the best bang for your buck.

Creating and building a healthcare environment that promotes healing and comfort is essential today. The key to a successful build is finding the optimal balance between quality of care and patient experience. Gone are the days of bigger is better with maximizing occupancy as the driver. Smaller clinics, care-focused spaces, modular design and construction can all adapt to evolving trends in healthcare outcomes. 

Clean Rooms

Not many construction companies can say they are cleanroom construction experts. CoBeck can. In fact, our cleanroom construction services coordinate and integrate the entire process, from one single point of contact. We have demonstrated experience and understand the underlying principles, procedures, materials and practices. 

Cleanrooms are not your typical construction project. Specs for these types of projects require a deeper understanding of the wall, floor, ceiling construction, air flow patterns, pressure and heating, plus ventilating, cleanliness levels in multiple rooms, lighting, air showers and more. It’s a complex and very detailed construction project that only a partner like CoBeck can deliver.


With retail construction, everyone looks for that edge to drive traffic and sales in an ultra-competitive market. It is a market of constant change. Therefore, to thrive, you need bold thinking and thoughtful planning to stay ahead of the pack. That’s where CoBeck can help.

Our job is as much about meeting your current needs as it is about constructing a space that can adapt in the future. That’s where we add value. No matter the size or complexity, we can help you think through the customer flows, choose the right construction materials, and keep the floor plan space open to future changes if needed. While doing it in a way that optimizes your budget and keeps the project on schedule. 

CoBeck has successfully delivered retail construction, renovation and expansion jobs from a small retail suite to expanding/remaking an entire sales floor or building new. We have the ideal construction model setup and the adaptable approach to take on your next retail construction project.


CoBeck has delivered industrial construction services from the front office to the manufacturing line and everything in between. We can deliver end-to-end industrial construction services for renovating aging facilities to building brand new; we’ll get the project done on-time and on-budget. 

Industrial facilities need to be optimized to support your processes, workflow and maximize productive space. As such, when we partner with you, we keep those decision metrics front and center. Ultimately, when it comes to building systems and structures, we can deliver projects using a range of materials, technologies and project approaches. With a keen eye and deep sense of your unique challenges, we find and build efficiencies into your business operation success.