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General Contracting

We bring our collective team’s experience to every job and project. If you have an architect, drawings in hand and ready to build, then let’s get started. Our team will provide the day-to-day oversight of vendors, trades and communication between owner and contractor.

Our highly trained team managers are empowered to achieve the shared goal of protecting your project from bloating out of control and keeping it on course within the planned parameters. Plus, we’ll work with agreed-to vendors and subcontractors and leverage our relationships to add extra value at every stage of the construction process. 

CoBeck has the ability to self-perform several trades within this construction delivery method.


Achieve the unachievable with a design build construction project. It’s a collaborative, team approach in the truest sense from start to finish. It includes the owner/client, the architect, the engineers, estimators and the CoBeck team ALL at the same table, thinking big, creating great, innovative ideas to solve the most complex construction issues and achieve your vision. 

When it works well, you get unified recommendations and a streamlined schedule; costs are minimized and efficiencies realized—all under one contract.

With this construction delivery method, you are provided with a single point of contact for both the design and construction. CoBeck would be contractually responsible for every part of the build—starting with estimating, assessments, pre-construction, architecture, schematics and engineering, and ending with subcontracting, construction and post-construction. We would also manage all the contracts with vendors, subs and material providers.