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Retro Commissioning Your Existing Facility

Save on energy costs and tap into financial incentives if you are motivated to complete efficiency projects and optimize existing equipment and controls.

Retro commissioning can be catalyst to drive lasting energy savings for owners and managers of existing buildings by taking a 360 degree approach to energy efficiency. The program is designed to target high energy using equipment, building systems, operating schedules and attempts to optimize how these parts can perform better…together.

Facilities that Retro commissioning can be designed for include:

  • Industrial
  • School
  • Government
  • Commercial

One of the challenges of this process is applying current facilities design trends and construction to aging infrastructure and buildings. It’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. That’s where a contractor can help minimize issues and help more effectively manage your costs and time. Here are some thoughts on how do that.

Budget Friendly Solutions
Industries on the cutting edge of technology such as healthcare need stay current or risk losing customers. Unfortunately, the facilities often are the last in line when it comes to investment. For this reason, many healthcare organizations facility budgets feel the squeeze as the frequency to change grows. Collaborating with a contractor early in the design phase can help optimize the spend in the planning and construction phases.

Building System Automation Growing
Technology is driving building sustainability. Building automation systems can help with energy efficiency, air quality, temperature and access control. This all can be centralized and controlled for maximum efficiency. And its another significant way to create savings. But remember, automation doesn’t mean auto-pilot. Work with qualified engineers/consultants, organizations and vendors who can train and personnel to manage these new facility systems.

More Flexible Space Configurations
This notion has been around awhile, but it’s worth noting. From materials to moving walls to creating flexibility is bigger than ever. Add today’s environmental demands and solutions better use renewable materials wherever possible and be cost effective. One of our clients fell in love with a company that is trying to fulfill this niche with a product called DIRRTTM. It is pre-fab interiors (walls) and office ware that can give your space flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of an office space… without the hard construction and fees associated with permanent interior walls.

When retro commissioning or building a new facility, you will need a team of organizations and experts to guide thru the process...from consultants, engineering firms to local utility organizations. Critical in that process is a construction partner that keeps up with the trends for the best guidance and recommendations when it come to budget-friendly solutions, building system automations and flexible space configurations.