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Get the Dirtt On Office Interior Space

Depending on the client, interior finishing needs typically fall on either side of the spectrum—high-end or low-end. There doesn’t seem to be any in between as of late. When looking at the options, one of the more interesting trends on the higher-end interior finishes, design and office configuration is DIRTT. It is pre-fab interiors (walls) and office ware that can give your space flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of an office space without the hard construction and fees associated with permanent interior walls.

When we discuss Dirtt it really gets people’s attention. Not just because its new. But because it makes sense on so many levels. If you sign a ten-year lease, your office needs are going to change. That is a fact. Some more than others, but changes are bound to occur over time. So why not build an office for change that doesn’t resemble a cube farm?

With Dirtt, change is quick and clean. From material ordering to delivery on site, our client, Gradient Financial, really liked the flexibility it provided, the workmanship and the timing of installation. They really had a hard time saying no. Features of the system were very attractive and fit their needs very well. <<ANOTHER STATEMENT ABOUT WHY THEY CHOOSE IT AND HOW IT IS GOING>>

<<Picture of Gradient Financial Office Interior>>

However, Dirtt is not for everyone. Especially if you have special needs or configuration requirements, it might not be the ideal solution. It is also perceived to be expensive. But that can be deceiving and hard to accurately measure as well. Not everyone knows how many times you will need to reconfigure an entire office over a ten-year lease. If you think reconfiguration will be minimal, then other options might be a better fit. Regardless, Dirtt is a viable and intriguing option for those who want to minimize ongoing capital expense from construction contractors and enjoy the high-end finishes and flexibility built into a Dirtt office system deployment/build out.